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Ep 18, 19: Sept 2018: Authentic Mexican by Rick and Deann Bayless

Updated: Apr 9, 2019


I’ve had done teething trouble getting things up and running in Hyderabad. And I know fully well that what works for Pune needn’t work for Hyderabad. That said, I’ve been trying to have friends over and cook from a book instead. I usually make what the guest likes, but it’s the usual folk, and bachelor boys sure like home-cooked “different” food.

Mexican is always safe in that it’s so similar to Indian tastes. I nixtamalized corn kernels with lime (chuna I convinced my smoker husband to pick up from the panwala). We made some salsas to go with, some salsa negra and also some sour cream. The main meat we used was some spiked pulled pork from a mid week dinner. I’ve heard so much about moles and their cooking time and their slow cooking and their use of cacao, that the green mole really stood out. As a pumpkin seed fanatic, the fact that this could be done in under 2 hours was a total win-win situation.A green mole with chicken sounded like just the thing I wanted to do after hand-rolling soft-shell tacos. The mole was thicker and richer than I expected it to be, so it worked well with the pueblan rice which was colourful, light and tasty.

In Pune, the folk started out with Husein’s fresh corn chowder. It was served with roasted peppers while Sheena brought in two appetizers - Zucchini with toasted garlic and lime and Swiss chard with tomatoes and potatoes.Ravi continued his snapper streak and made some red snapper in tomatoes and olives. He also made lamb tacos which he served with salsa Mexicana. His margaritas kept everyone hydrated and happy. Reshma got some masa cakes with chile and cheese and also some chicken thighs with vinegar, oil and spices. Keya ended the lunch with a rum flan.

I love that the book has a Cook’s Notes section with every recipe - useful substitutions, tips and tricks that the layman might find handy. Though a nice, new Rick Bayless book with pictures and recipes might just have won me over. A 1987 book is just a little younger than me!!

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