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2023 starts with Maangchi!

Some of us watch K-dramas and have gotten around to cooking Korean food that we absolutely love!

Some of us have been making kimchi and noodles and grilling meat for years now and the thought of a more structured approach to it all is exciting!

Some of us just enjoy the idea of trying a new cuisine!

Say you're a newbie. Or even if you're someone who enjoys cooking Korean food. What's one of the first resources you rely on online? How you first started out? Who'd you recommend to anyone who wants to try their hand at making their own Korean food? Maangchi. Who else!

You can visit her website here -

(and here's her YouTube channel - )

Did you know Maangchi means Hammer in Korean?

Also, did you know New York Times called her YouTube's Korean Julia Child?

January is going to be a blast, methinks!

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