May 2021 - Happy Hour at Home


Here's a little bit of a story about how we picked this book. 

me: So, any suggestions on what we should do for May?

Person1 on the group: Cocktails, please! It's so hot!!!

more people: Hell, yeah! Cocktails! Is there a book that has both cocktails and bitings? We can pick a book that has both?

Person2: We can do Brooklyn Bar Bites. Or The Bombay Canteen book (A-Z something)...

me: Yaaaaaaaa, let me see if we can buy either.

also me, 5 mins later: Shit, no. One's out of stock and one is too expensive.

people: Anything else?

me: Let me look some more.

people: Here's this one I have... Here's this (other) one I have.

me: But sadly, they're only starters. Bummer! Let's do Happy Hour at Home - same author as Brooklyn Bar Bites. It shouldn't be too bad, I think

people: Okay, let's.


And that's how we're here.

About the book, some cocktails have been AMAZING! Some have been fairly meh. Some food has been FANTASTIC. Some food, not so much. But that's all part of the game (for the month, at least), right?

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